How To: Improve a McDonald's hamburger

Improve a McDonald's hamburger

Learning how to improve a McDonald's hamburger will do many wonderful things for your life. Watch this cooking tutorial from Cook the Geek to learn how to borgify and improve a McDonald's burger.

1) All you need is a cheap McDonald's hamburger.

2) Remove the bun because it'll make you fat.

3) Find some chopped garlic.

4) Chopped Brazil nuts.

5) And lots of hacked up parsley (it's good for your libido).

6) Some onions and tomatoes.

7) Recover the McDonald's pickle and put it in the middle.

8) Add vegan almond cheese.

9) Ketchup and mustard.

10) Whole wheat bread is where it's at!

And add some spices if you want.
After that, just eat the improved McDonald's hamburger with killer crunchy potato chips.

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