How To: Make Grill Cheese in the Toaster

Make Grill Cheese in the Toaster

Do you love grilled cheese? Who doesn't. This classic quick tip will have you enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich in less than 3 minutes using only your toaster.

Step 1: Get a Toaster and Turn It on Its Side.

Step 2: Get Supplies.

Grab a plate with two pieces of bread and some cheese.

Step 3: Place in Toaster.

Place some cheese on a slice of bread & place it in the bottom slot.

Insert the other piece in the top slot.

Step 4: Click the Lever.

Click the lever on the toaster and gently slide in the bread until it hits the bottom of the toaster grate.

Step 5: Position the Plate.

Slide the plate up against the toaster.

Step 6: Watch the Cheese Melt.

Step 7: Bam! Grilled Cheese!

In less than 3 minutes, a toasty, hot, grilled cheese sandwich will pop out of the toaster and on to your plate.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

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