News: Totally Insanewiches

Totally Insanewiches

Insanewiches proves there are endless ways to dream up a sandwich- some slightly more edible than others. Get inspired (or nauseous):

The McPumpkin

Totally Insanewiches

The Hot Cross Monster

Totally Insanewiches

The Pepperoni Sub

Totally Insanewiches

Denny's Fried Cheese Melt (Yep, those are Moz Sticks)

Totally Insanewiches

The Pregnancy Craving Sandwich

Totally Insanewiches

Tangled Hot Dog

Totally Insanewiches

The All-in-Oner Breakfast

Totally Insanewiches

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That pregnancy craving sandwich looks awful.

I can tell you that pregnancy craving sandwich is all wrong. I still hate pickles.

the tangled hot dog looks like an intestines. or worse. i'm not gonna say.

Is the bacon on the All-in-One Breakfast raw?

i dont think its bacon
its like pastrami or some kind of ham.

I think its prosciutto

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