How To: Make creative and delicious bag lunches

Make creative and delicious bag lunches

Tired of eating ho-hum, overpriced takeout for lunch? Try some of these inspired homemade options.

You Will Need:
* Casserole ingredients
* Sandwich ingredients and bread
* Burrito-size tortillas
* Leftovers
* Cream cheese or cheddar
* Beans
* Salsa
* 3/4 white wine
* 1/2 cornstarch
* 1/4 grated fondue cheese
* ½ garlic clove
* Pre-cut vegetables
* Baguette chunks
* A casserole dish
* Microwave-safe food containers
* Aluminum foil
* A bento box
* A stainless-steel thermos
* A medium saucepan
* An insulated lunch bag
* A long fork
* An insulated ice bag
* Agua fresca ingredients (optional)

*Warning: Lunches kept at room temperature can spoil. Pack your lunch with an insulated ice bag, or keep it refrigerated until you're ready to eat.

Step 1: Make a one-dish wonder
Step 2: Enhance your sandwich
Step 3: Wrap it up
Step 4: Bento Box
Step 5: Melt up fondue

In 2001, an unused 1954 Superman lunch box sold in an auction for $11,500.

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