How To: Make extra sloppy sloppy joes, with Betty

Make extra sloppy sloppy joes, with Betty

Sloppy Joes are a great dinner when you don't have all night to cook. They're messy, so kids love them, and they pack in a whole bunch of 'secret' veggies, too! Use lean beef and make these healthy and delicious Joes along with Betty! Everyone will love them!

You Will Need:
*1 lb. ground beef or hamburger (I use Laura's Lean 4% fat ground beef.)
*1 (about 1 oz.) mccormick sloppy Joe seasoning packet
*6 oz. tomato paste
*1.25 cups water
*1 container prepared (or homemade) coleslaw
*1 sliced large tomato
*8 whole wheat sandwich buns

Step 1: Brown and season the beef
Brown the ground beef over low heat, stirring constantly, until crumbly and no pink is showing. Remove from heat and off any fat that has been cooked out.
Sprinkle the sloppy Joe seasoning mix over the cooked ground beef. Then, add the 6 oz. tomato paste and the 1.25 cups water.
Gently stir until these ingredients are combined.

Step 2: Cook and assemble your sandwiches
Now, cook this mixture over low to medium heat for about 10 minutes, until flavors are blended and the consistency is good for spreading. Pour the cooked sloppy Joe mixture into a serving bowl. Assemble your Extra Sloppy Sloppy Joe as follows. Spread the bottom half of the sandwich bun generously with sloppy Joe mix .
Next, spread a layer of coleslaw on top of the sloppy Joe mixture. Now, add a large, thin slice of tomato. Cap it all off with the top of the sandwich bun. This makes a great alternative to a hamburger, and it adds in lots of vegetables, as well. It is sloppy, for sure, but scrumptious!

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