How To: Make speedy sloppy joes with the Food Network

Make speedy sloppy joes with the Food Network

This video describes the procedure of making "sloppy joes." It is recommended to use ground turkey because of the texture and even the health factor of the meat. He uses pork and beef and adds a little bit of oil to a pan and browns the meat. He uses both of those meats for the texture of the fat and flavor. He lets the meat get brown and then adds the vegetables. He says to save the fat from the meat to cook the vegetables in. He adds red onion and green peppers so the colors are bright and contrast. He wants to pull out the moisture and let the onions sweat in the pan. Use fresh garlic, chili pepper, red wine and some salt. Before he takes the meat off the flame he added tomato sauce. Once fully cooked he places three healthy spoonfuls on a bun.

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