How To: Make a superior tuna sandwich

Make a superior tuna sandwich

In this video Steve Ricci shows us how to make a superior tuna sandwich. It uses vegetables in the nicoise style. Put some oil in a hot frying pan. When the oil is hot, sear the tuna in the hot oil. It takes just under a minute and a half on each side. Put two anchovies, some Dijon mustard, and some red wine vinegar into a bowl. Whisk this all together. This will give the sandwich some lubrication. Let the tuna rest on a cold surface. Cut a sour dough baguette lengthwise. Toast it on the grill. While it is toasting, slice some yellow and red tomatoes. Slice some artichoke hearts and some pitted black olives. Slice some red onion and a boiled egg. Take some frisee lettuce and watercress also. Drizzle some olive oil on the toasted bread. Slice the tuna. Build the sandwich in layers starting with watercress, then tuna slices, vinaigrette, tomato, salt and pepper, artichokes with black olives in between, egg, red onion and vinaigrette in that order. Finish off with the frisee lettuce on the top and then add the lid of the sandwich. Push it down firmly. Cut in two and serve.

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